Welcome to the brand new design

Welcome to the brand new design for Download Website Templates. I hope you like it. When I created the original design I was keen to get the site up and running to get the site into the search engines as soon as I could.

With this new design I’ve spent a little more time to get it roughly how I want it. So apologies if I haven’t updated the site with any new website templates for a while.

Currently there are only two categories but as I start adding more templates I’ll add more categories in.

As this is a complete redesign, if there are any issues or problems please leave me a comment – Report a Problem.

I’ll try to make a start on some new templates as soon as I can. Anyway enjoy 🙂

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All these templates are created as donationware, if you are going to use them in a commercial project or would like to contribute, please donate:


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