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Below are all the responsive website templates available to download. If you like the templates please feel free to leave your comments:

Anti-matter (2862 Downloads)

With Anti-matter I wanted to try out using a sticky menu. I wanted to be able to scroll down to a set height then the menu stick to the top so it’s always visible. Using jQuery Waypoints I managed to … [Continue Reading]

Inclination (1606 Downloads)

With Inclination I have been playing around with full height layouts. This template has two full height sections that can be easily scrolled up and down via the arrow buttons. I’ve created a simple script that adjusts the 100% height … [Continue Reading]

Hypergalaxy (1635 Downloads)

I wanted to try out using video backgrounds so Hypergalaxy is pretty experimental. I wanted to test having a YouTube video as a background. I found a jQuery plugin called YTPlayer and it seems to be the best of the … [Continue Reading]

Blueshift (1360 Downloads)

Blueshift is more in depth than some of the other templates. I have included a new simple responsive menu and WOW fading animations. The main reason for starting this template however was to figure out a good way of creating … [Continue Reading]

Magnitude (6108 Downloads)

Magnitude is a simple responsive coming soon template. I wanted to use a layout that centred both horizontally and vertically. I hope it comes in handy and as always let me know your thoughts.

Singularity (1344 Downloads)

Here is another simple free template, this template is really just a bare bones responsive template that has the essentials. It includes a full width top image background. Remember to let me know your comments.


All these templates are created as donationware, if you are going to use them in a commercial project or would like to contribute, please donate:


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