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Below are all the responsive website templates available to download. If you like the templates please feel free to leave your comments:

Atmosphere (1767 Downloads)

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve managed to add a new template so I thought it was about time I added another template. Atmosphere is a pretty simple and straight forward template. I’ve purposely made the responsive menu simple … [Continue Reading]

Interstellar (3423 Downloads)

It’s been a while since I’ve added a coming soon template so I thought I’d go all out and create a more in depth one than I usually do. Interstellar includes the following features: Two-level responsive menu Countdown timer Working … [Continue Reading]

Solstice (1546 Downloads)

Solstice is a simple blog style layout. I’ve been wanting to try out CSS animations for a while. I came across animate.css and WOW.js and it works well. As the page loads the top images slides from the top and … [Continue Reading]

Galactic (1445 Downloads)

Galactic is probably more of a layout than a full blown template. Anyway I wanted to try out a responsive three column layout with a mix of images and text as well as trying to use a fixed header and … [Continue Reading]

Kuiper Belt (1650 Downloads)

Ok, Kuiper Belt is certainly not one for you beginners. I came across a superb jQuery plugin called fullpage.js and thought I’d give it a whirl. I thought it might make a nice simple portfolio website. It allows users to … [Continue Reading]

Totality (1865 Downloads)

Totality is another simple to use straight forward responsive template. The part I wanted to play around with is the responsive mobile menu and use CSS3 transitions to show some effects when clicked. As always, I hope you like it … [Continue Reading]


All these templates are created as donationware, if you are going to use them in a commercial project or would like to contribute, please donate:


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