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Below are all the website templates available to download. If you like the templates please feel free to leave your comments:

Pulsar (1630 Downloads)

I recently came across a new full page slider called Super Slides ( I thought I’ve give it a try and must say I’m quite happy with how it came out. I also wanted to try out the effect the … [Continue Reading]

Spectrum (1505 Downloads)

Spectrum has a minimalist blog style layout. I found two scripts that I wanted to use for this template. The first called scrolline.js displays a line bar at the top of the page indicating how much more content there is … [Continue Reading]

Corona (1389 Downloads)

The other day I came across a new responsive overlay menu from the ever impressive CoDrops (Article URL: and wanted to have a little play. I also wanted to road-test a new image overlay hover effect I created using … [Continue Reading]

Nucleus (1488 Downloads)

With Nucleus I wanted to try out using a fixed left hand sidebar and how that would work with the responsive elements of a design. I was planning on using Masonry with this template but it’s a little more fiddly … [Continue Reading]

Lunation (1597 Downloads)

With Lunation I wanted to try out a new jQuery script called TypedJS which writes out text like a typewriter. I’ve also added a fading animations and a simple flyout menu. I hope you find it useful.

Granulation (1475 Downloads)

With Granulation I wanted to use the sticky header again. It includes social media links and contact details aswell as a slide menu. I’ve also added a great slider called BXSlider. As always it’s all fully responsive. Enjoy.


All these templates are created as donationware, if you are going to use them in a commercial project or would like to contribute, please donate:


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