Add Fancybox class to WordPress images

Here is another useful snippet for all you WordPress users.

If you use Fancybox with WordPress this snippet will automatically add the class “various” to images added in the WordPress editor.

You could also change the class name “various” to anything you want and use for other things:

function give_linked_images_class($html, $id, $caption, $title, $align, $url, $size, $alt = '' ) {
    $classes = 'various';
    if ( preg_match('/<a.*? class=".*?">/', $html) ) { $html = preg_replace('/(<a.*? class=".*?)(".*?>)/', '$1 ' . $classes . '$2', $html); }
    else { $html = preg_replace('/(<a.*?)>/', '$1 class="' . $classes . '" >', $html); }
    return $html;

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