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Welcome, Download Wesite Templates have an array of responsive website template for you to download. I'll update this website with new templates from time to time so please check back for updates.

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Welcome to Download Website Templates

Welcome to Download Website Templates. This website will have an array of different types of free responsive website templates to download and use for personal/ private projects. If you would like to use them on commercial projects please click here.

Why so generous? Well, it will allow me to try out new skills and techniques in the real world. It will also allow me to road-test any new scripts that I come across while surfing the internet looking for the latest trends.

It will also allow me to give something back as during my time learning website design I have used many free and open source software that others have created.

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Interactive Drag and Drop Coloring Concept | Codrops

A little fun experimental coloring concept where you can color a website mockup by dragging and dropping a color droplet from a palette. Source: Interactive Drag and Drop Coloring Concept | Codrops

CSS Min Height Hack

I came across this snippet of CSS a few years ago and still use it so thought I’d share. It’s a min-height hack that allows you to set a height then once content goes beyond that point the height increases … [Continue Reading]

Add Fancybox class to WordPress images

Here is another useful snippet for all you WordPress users. If you use Fancybox with WordPress this snippet will automatically add the class “various” to images added in the WordPress editor. You could also change the class name “various” to … [Continue Reading]


All these templates are created as donationware, if you are going to use them in a commercial project or would like to contribute, please donate:


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