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Welcome to Download Website Templates. This website will have an array of different types of free responsive website templates to download.

Why so generous? Well it will allow me to try out new skills and techniques in the real world. It will also allow me to test and tryout scripts that I come across while scouring the internet.

It will also allow me to give something back as during my time learning website design I have used many free and open source software that others have created.

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Lunation ()

With Lunation I wanted to try out a new jQuery script called TypedJS which writes ...

Granulation ()

With Granulation I wanted to use the sticky header again. It includes social media ...


Your donations will help keep this website running and more free website templates to be added. Thank you.

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There are currently website templates to download. The total number of free website template downloads is: . Since our new redesign the average daily number of downloads is: .

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Blueshift ()

Blueshift is more in depth than some of the other templates. I have included a new simple responsive menu and WOW fading animations. The main reason for starting this template however was to figure out a good way of creating the two half sections that would stretch across that page.

Remember to let me know your comments.

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